Detached home sales in Okotoks for the period of April 24th to May 24, 2019 are up 30% above last years levels for this time period.  As I had predicted after our very slow winter and early spring real estate market, confidence and volumes have increased to levels not seen since 2014 for this time period! Pricing has not increased, but it appears we are out of the bottom of the market. Sellers still need to be sharp with their pricing as buyers are still wary and there is lots of competition. We are still in a buyers market butClick here for more information
The resale real estate market volume for Calgary, Okotoks and Foothills County is trending up over last year in all areas except apartments. The following graphs show a nice improvement over last year. However, we are still way off average sales for this time of year. If we keep trending up, it is likely we are out of the bottom of this market cycle.  It might be a while until we start to see any price gains but it is nice to see the volume of sales is picking up.  The next couple months will really tell the story ofClick here for more information
Sales are up over last year!  Trends and confidence is increasing so now is a great time to consider buying. Lots to choose from with inventory levels sitting slightly higher than normal for this time of year. March and April saw a lot of older inventory sold and cleared out. The upcoming months of May through to October are generally the busiest months for real estate transactions. For more market information and help with buying or selling your home or property, give me a call!Click here for more information
  It is often hard to get the true actual statistics for home sales. I dig deep to get the full story on market conditions to help both my sellers and buyers. In the past 30 days, there have been 41 detached homes sold in Okotoks ranging in selling price from $995,500 to $285,000. Many of the homes were listed multiple times before they sold. When selling it is so important in our current market that your home is priced fair to start with. If not, often your home will sell for much less at a later point in time.Click here for more information
The past 7 days as of April 17th; Okotoks :: 14 New listings, 15 price reductions and 6 sales. Total Inventory 210 High River :: 7 New listings, 5 price reductions and 7 sales. Total Inventory 77 Black Diamond / Turner Valley :: 3 New listings, 0 price reductions, 0 sale. Total Inventory 43 Rural Foothills :: 8 New Listings, 3 price reductions, and 4 sales. Total inventory 194 Calgary :: 363 New Listings, 93 Price decreases, and 101 sales. Total Inventory 3,667Click here for more information